In recent years, the crypto ecosystem has expanded into unforeseen territories. Meme coins have proliferated, bringing with them a new, energetic class of crypto traders. NFTs, DeFi and DAOs rose to power as essential primitives for emboldening crypto communities. Rumors of regulatory unrest are met with significant advances in zero-knowledge cryptography, which promise to make anonymity practical for crypto users.

Yet as an ecosystem, crypto's growth is propelled not by its flowers – the various technical phenomena that constitute crypto – but by its roots: the philosophy from which crypto originates. It is the contention of this journal that the roots of crypto are firmly agorist. Agorism is crypto's mythical substructure, its source of nourishment and its anchor.

For this first issue the contributors are Dr. Paul Dylan-Ennis, Jaya Klara Brekke, Nick Land, Amy Ireland and Harry Halpin.

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